Self-monitoring refrigerators & vending machines

Self-monitoring refrigerators & vending machines

Refrigerators, freezers, coolers, and vending machines are everywhere and they offer the unique opportunity to monitor themselves. Just like phones have gone from a simple device to a multifunctional electronic Swiss-army knife (aka smart phones), now fridges have also evolved and become smart fridges (smart coolers, smart vending machines) with brains, sensors, and communication abilities that monitor themselves and communicate that information.

Auditing has never been easier

These intelligent fridges provide a shelf monitoring solution, auditing, and is hands-free. They monitor themselves continuously and provide KPIs on compliance, stock levels, out-of-stock levels (OOS), and refilling statistics in real-time. All this information is centralised anywhere in the world and can be available to anyone who requires insight into the store or product inventory levels, thereby giving incredible retail insight. In-store visits are no longer required leading to tremendous time-savings.

From idea to reality

What started out as a prototype has now become working reality with 300 000+ fridges already fully operational in a single country. It’s a patent-pending solution. All of this is just the start of something which is going to become the norm.


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  • Self-monitoring freezer
  • Self-monitoring cooler
  • Self-monitoring vending machine

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